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SEBCON has a diverse database of professional consultants varying from agronomists, economists and health experts, to statisticians and computer programming specialists. SEBCON consultants have worked on projects under its capacity in key areas such as social sector development, human resource development, rural development, environment, macro/micro economics, institutional development and industrial development.

In addition SEBCON has a core group of professionals working as a support team consisting of managerial, secretarial, publication, research, legal, accounts and data-entry staff, as well as a number of associate consultants with whom SEBCON has arrangements in different parts of the country.

SEBCON consultants and core group members have extensive experience in project management, assessments/evaluations, M & E, statistical analyses, socio-economic surveys, strategic planning and policy formulation/development, trainings, etc.

Core Group > Professional Support Team

Mr. Kamran Sadiq: Although a Financial Analyst by profession, Mr. Sadiq is a project management expert, coordinating and managing over 150 projects. Additionally he has diverse experience in leading socio-economic surveys, project feasibilities and impact evaluations/assessments, and has worked extensively in micro-finance and enterprise development.

Ms. Rabia Khan: As an experienced WID Expert, Community Mobilization Specialist and Workshop Moderator, Ms. Khan has worked extensively on gender development, community-based development, as well as moderating a number of workshops on related issues.

Dr. Nasir-ud-Din: A soil and water specialist, Dr. Nasir has extensive experience in irrigation water management, land reclamation, land classification for irrigation development, and drainage for agriculture. He has worked as an Irrigation Specialist, an Environmentalist, completing many impact assessment studies in Canada as well as Pakistan, and has also worked as a Soil Scientist on projects in Pakistan, Africa and Canada.

Muhammad Shafi Gul: A statistician with expertise in data analysis and data processing, Mr. Shafi Gul has carried out data processing and analysis for many base-line marketing and feasibility surveys, and has led and worked on a number of field surveys. He has sound experience in designing questionnaires and field surveys and is familiar with various computer languages, system analysis and design.

Ms. Lubna A. Khan: Ms. Khan has been involved in project coordination and research work on a number of projects with SEBCON. With a background in journalism, communications and marketing, Ms. Khan has extensive experience in research studies and analyses, report writing/editing, performing marketing and advertising research, designing campaigns, and conducting data-collection and other survey-based activities. Most of her work has been related to social development with main focus on health and education related projects.  

Core Group > Associates

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